Friday, January 22, 2010

Internet Explorer 6 for Windows Vista / Windows 7

If you're running on Vista or Windows 7 it's sure you're IE browser is already IE7 or IE8, but suppose you're developing for clients who will still use the "buggy" IE6 (so it simply means you have to develop sites which takes those bugs into consideration), one way is to install a Virtual Machine on your PC that will run Windows XP which will surely use much of your PC's resources (hard drive space and memory). The other is this program I found called IETester. Check it out here.

It's still an alpha release so there might be bugs here and there but it will only take you a minute to download its 25mb filesize and it's free. Now you can live with those cross-browser compatibility issues all over again, one of those I will be tackling on my next post so keep tuned.


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